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On the Air with Anddy Radio
photo courtesy of Anddy Radio
Anddy Radio
From the creators of GuyFriday, “Joe(y) on the Beat,” we bounce this boi reporter on his heels, jam up airwaves from coast to coast, and bring you “Anddy Radio Presents” live from Los Angeles’ KCLA’s “The Anddy Radio Show,” here in New York. “Everyone’s Favorite Media Personality,” Anddy Radio hits it hard, writing and producing his own hit shows, playing interviewer and garnering plenty of flash-bulb attention.

Logo’s A-List star TJ Kelly, famed Village Voice columnist Michael Musto, hot L.A. DJ Scotty, and even Christina Marie, hellcat starlet of “The Bad Girls Club,” are just some of Gotham’s finest, notched on this velvet voicer’s ear-catching microphone.

New York Q News: “Joe(y) On The Beat” is my pipedream reporter drama, you know, very ’40s, fedora and all (laughs). Your goddamned news bulletin killed my radio career, before it started …

Anddy Radio: My apologies Joey! I’ve killed lots of people’s radio careers already; it’s tough to be a top and bottom (wink) dog. Ryan Seacrest has a whole team following my every move … I’ve challenged him to good old fashioned “Radio-Off,” via Pay-Per-View, but he’s a pussy. Beef is real in this radio-hood!

NYQN: Radio is a powerful tool. Why broadcasting?

AR: Wow, that’s a tough question … I feel radio is a dying art form. I don’t think people understand the amount of time and effort it takes to produce a radio show. I book my talent, write, and produce all of my own shows. I don’t really know what drew me to radio, except for the fact that I have a loud mouth and need somewhere to voice the “crazy” inside my brain.

NYQN: I just 86ed the next few “pageant queens’ questions” to hit you with off-the-cuff …

AR: SHIT, there goes my “To end all war and hunger” speech …

NYQN: Ever have a interview go sour? I’m talking “hit the goodbye button and get the hell out of Dodge?"

AR: I did do this one interview with a well-known musical personality, here in NYC, who made answering my questions the true equivalent of “pulling teeth.” It was sad, because I’m a big fan of this person, but they did not like the questions! This person got upset, because I was mentioning years of accomplishments, which made them feel dated. I can usually spin a bad situation into a good one—the end of the interview turned out really great. This actually reminds me, I need to ask them back … I must prove they have a personality!

NYQN: Laryngitis or crabs? Even if he—the date—paid for dinner and the movie?

AR: Well, as an announcer I guess I’d have to go with crabs! Even if my crotch was on itchy-fire, I’d be able to pull it off. But to be honest, I’d prefer gonorrhea over anything, since the 24-hour antibiotic they give you can cause drowsiness, and I’d still have my voice...

NYQN: If you had to beef on any one of your celebrity guests, who would you rat-out now and duck from later?

AR: I am a woman of high integrity and class—don’t you laugh!—so I don’t mud-slinging in the press. Don’t look at me like that! It’s true. I’ll admit that I did not like Miss JWOWW, from “Jersey Shore,” for a while, but now that all the girls get a long again I’m cool with JWOOW… and of course my girl Snookie. That show’s nothing without my Snickers!

NYQN: Amazing ... I was able to keep my Snapple down after that answer. Moving on (shakes head) …

AR: Leave my Snooks alone! The public has a lot more in common with her than they want to admit! It’s a Shore Thing, baby!

NYQN: Ryan Seacrest has equated himself as the “new” Dick Clark. It’s cute-very much like whippin-Willow Smith being dubbed a pop-prodigy. Help me understand (laughs).
AR: Ryan is definitely the new Dick Clark. He works so hard and has made such a name and empire for himself. Although his style is a little traditional for me, I respect and admire what he’s accomplished, especially as a media personality. Now Willow Smith ... I can’t really badmouth a nine-year old. Her songs are great, her look is fire, but she’s nine … I have a hard time ripping shots, and shaken’ my ass all freaky to a nine-year-old’s song; but I guess after the ninth shot who cares?

NYQN: So we can confirm this mug shot as valid from TMZ. You do have a drinking "problem." I'm not asking you Anddy, I'm telling you …

AR: I prefer to be labeled as a “pot head,” as opposed to an “alcoholic.” I’m stoned more often than I’m drunk. The papers always seem to catch me smokin’ the green stuff. Hopefully now I can land the cover of High Times magazine. That’s when I’ll know I made it!! (laughs un-controllably loudly!)

NYQN: Lady GaGa I get it ... Her new hit single “Born This Way” came with both praise and prejudice. Some are calling it a Madonna rip-off, an easy cash-win targeting to gays and her “little monsters.” Think Lady went a bit too GaGa this time?

AR: Although “Born This Way” is not my favorite GaGa song, I do respect her for taking a stand for the LGBT community. I personally have no issue with people cashing in on causes, I mean, this is AMERICA … Nothing speaks louder than the mighty dollar. The only way that should matter is if somehow the message is lost in the package, and I believe GaGa’s message has been pretty clear from the beginning.

NYQN: Okay, Anddy from Brooklyn, New Yawk, you think you’re so clever, where did you hide the NY accent?

AR: Well, I’ll let you in on a little secret … I’m actually from New Paltz, New York, a small upstate New York college-hippie town. My college broadcasting teachers stressed the importance of articulation. Although I do find regional accents sooooooo hot—New York, Boston, the Midwest, and Southern California have some of the hottest accents. And don’t get me going with foreign accents … Scottish men make me MELT!

NYQN: Gimme a taste: who is the next fabulous guest on your show?

AR: Oh, I have so many fabulous people lined up! Playgirl’s Daniel Nardicio, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Carmen Carrera, New York’s notorious photographer Andrew Werner, DJ/Party Promoter/Music Guru Roxy Cottontail, and random club kids from New York to Paris. I love having a mix of guests: everyone has important stories that need to be told. I hope I’m giving people a great platform to share their experiences …

NYQN: Bombshell Kim Kardashian just dropped "JAM (Turn It Up)," her first ever single. Will it give Atlanta Housewife Kim Zolciak's, candy-coated "Tardy for the Party" a bump as the new gay-gotta-get download?

AR: Ohhh yes it will! I am all about cheesy pop music. I was a HUGE fan of “Tardy for the Party,” as well as Heidi Montag’s debut album “Superficial.” And who can forget Paris Hilton’s breakthrough album? Kim’s new single is awesome, and I love that it actually sounds like her! Her voice is nothing to write home about, but I’m always down with a good club banger! If you’re reading Kim, CALL ME! Let’s chat!

NYQN: So you were telling me earlier, if you press this and that, I can hear the sounds of applause?

AR: Yeah, and if you press that one you’ll blow up (laughs)!

NYQN: Wow that is unreal. An honest to goodness audience, too bad your name ain't Sam, ’cause I’d tell you to play it again. Oh hell … play it again, Anddy (wink)!

Catch up with Anddy Radio on www.anddyRadio.com or www.soundcloud.com/anddyRadio.
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