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GUYFRIDAY: "A-List & B-oys"
photo courtesy of Joey Adami
Joey Adami
"Sit! Sit!"
"Grab a Drama Queen cocktail! It's a Stoli-lime juice concoction! English muffin pizza's in two seconds," I shot off excitedly. Will and Luke threw their coats on my bed and hurried out to the living room, finding spots on the sofa.
"It's terrible out. Rain again."
"Did we miss anything?" Will asked, slipping off his rain-glossy to-die-for Thom Browne boots. Grady came out of my kitchen and into the living room with both his hands filled with dishes, napkins and hot bite size pizzas, and a bottle of wine under one arm.
"Reichen's Brazilian boy-toy just asked him if he loved him," I repeated.
For the premiere of Logo's new gay "Housewives"-ish serial, "The A-List," I made the guys promise in blood and swear on the oath of brotherhood to be at my apartment-STAT.
"Yes I do," Lehmkuhl told him.
"He is super hot, isn't he?" Grady said dreamily. I broke open the small box of pricey cupcakes from Crumbs Bakery and dived in.
Cut to the confessional:
"I like Rodiney," Reichen explains, "but I don't know that I love him."
"Ha ha, busted!" Luke cried out. He popped a pizza in his mouth, chewing and grinning at the same time.
"He dated Lance Bass," I said flatly, rolling my eyes back into my head, "who now is with that guy Kyan Douglas."
Grady gave a confused look. "The one from 'Queer Eye for the Straight Guy'?"
"Oh you know, it's always a five-o'clock-shadow face. The Mr. Beauty one."
"Christ," Luke whispered. "Are we these guys?" he asked, with a heavy stress on the word "we."
I couldn't help but think the same thought. As we watched theses five catty guys whom the New York Post crowned, 'Supreme Gays of New York,' bitch and brag about whom they roll with, whom they've slept with, and who is wearing what to who's A-to-Z-list bash.
"For one, I don't go spray-tanning," Grady spit back. Luke raised his palm to Grady's in a high-five gesture.
"I wear Gucci sunglasses, too. Big deal," Will sighed.
"Do you think I would ever, in my lifetime, date a reality star?"
"I'm a writer," I pouted, as Will have me a sharp nod in total agreement.
"That's what I thought!" Luke said, getting the answer to his question, as he looked at me with a one-eye fast wink....

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