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GUYFRIDAY: "Stumble & Fall"
photo courtesy of Joey Adami
Joey Adami
In his dress blues, Finn Rodgers stood bathed in the moonlight....
Finn stood looking at me and I did the same. I could hear the sound of the band and see the commotion of the reception, but it had all dissipated into a fuzzy bubble. It was just Finn and myself.
Then Luke spoke up. "Fuck, kiss or end it ...already." It broke the bubble in a quick burst. We both looked at him. I gave him a warm smile as he winked back, closing the French doors behind him.
"Well, he got two out of the three right."
I couldn't help but laugh. I also couldn't help running into his arms, but just as my feet took flight, I halted. It was a brief few seconds, a leap of single-minded faith and conviction that I either could turn on my heels and run, or go forward-and I did.
"I had to see you. I took the chance that either you would hate me or ... "
Before Finn could finish his words, I nuzzled into the crook of his neck. It felt warm and familiar, like an old sweatshirt broken in by time. He smelled of spice and astringent.
"Hey ...hey, don't cry," he whispered. "My plan was not to make you cry," he laughed.
"The wedding. The guys, Jinx in his little top hat..."

In less then a week it will be October. Summer came and left and returned with Finn, whose surprise visit to an ex-boyfriend's wedding caused me to fall again. I fell for him once, and my heart followed the same bouncy tumble when he returned.
"Just fried, no runny yolks. Coffee, black." I gave my menu back to the waiter as Luke went next, ordering his usual Santa Fe omelet and unsweetened iced-tea.
"Have you heard from Finn?" Grady asked. He buttered a slice of toast, taking a nibble.
"Yea. He opened a PO box off base, so I can write him letters. My fingers are cramped to the bone," I laughed.
"Damn, Joey," Luke said, "talk about boning a cramp. No sex," he added, with a frown.
"Yeah. It's not easy, but we made a commitment. This time it's for real. Plus phone sex is pretty hot."
"No amount of phone-sex, unless you're finger-banging your honey-hole with the cordless, is going to make up for the real thing-dick," Will declared.
"This is a grown-up relationship, Will," I scolded, as the waiter handed me a plate. "I didn't order the sausage."
"Misty eyed aren't you," Will whispered. "Maybe you should give Finn a call after we eat," he teased.
"Hell, if all that sausage reminds you of him, we could both give him a call," Grady announced, grabbing his plate.

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