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GUYFRIDAY: "Sweet Jesus & The Wedding Day Boys"
photo courtesy of Joey Adami
Joey Adami
"So ... what about you?"
"Who ... me?" Grady whispered as he took his seat.
"It's a nice thought, but married? I don't know."
"You next, Luke?"
"Fuck off!" Luke giggled.
"I just want to see them kiss"
"Don't even ask Will. This is just a blanket excuse to wear my Tom Ford Suit."
"Shush! He is coming down the aisle!" I mouthed, as he turned his head, holding a grin.
Jinx, my cat, sauntered his way forward down the white rose petal-strewn isle. He strutted proudly, to the squeals that came from the rows of guests. A miniature black top hat I fixed up for him tilted jauntily on his tiny head. A blue ribbon, holding both the grooms' rings and tied around his neck, jingled sweetly.
I scooped him up, after removing the rings, and handed one to Ryan and the other to Darren and felt a squeeze on my arm. It was a small wink between two ex-lovers and now it was Darren's turn. I let go of my past, graciously.

The Reception
"If anyone should ask, I had two champagnes. Not four."
Grady patted my back jokingly, as he and Marc, his date, walked onto the dance floor.
"I'm happy for Grady. I think Marc is a good catch for him."
"I think so too," Will agreed.
"Now, Will, do me a favor. You have been such a doll this whole time, being by my side and hiding everything that has a sharp point, but that handsome bartender has been eyeing you all evening, so now go. I'm perfectly fine, really. Go forth and mate," I laughed. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, took my lead, and headed to the bar.
"That leaves just you and me kid," said Luke, as gulped down the last of his cocktail and pounded the glass hard on the table. "Let's go. Get up," he continued, throwing out his hand and taking mine.
"That was very Rhett Butler of you, Luke" I joked, as he twirled me.
It was a beautiful scene. The private garden on the Inn's grounds was decorated to the nines. Old stone pots and urns overflowed with white lilies and cattails. Hundreds of Japanese lanterns glowed overhead. My friends dressed for the occasion, some with dates or new perspective mates, plus one happy couple, all tied up together nicely. It seemed as if every firefly saved up all his moxie to twinkle and make the last gasp of a season the brightest night. I was content.
With a quick turn and a few dizzying sidesteps I found myself out under the arbor. Luke gave me a bow of formal departure. I laughed pushing him aside.
"Sweet Jesus..." I whispered.
In his dress blues, Finn Rodgers stood bathed in the moonlight....

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