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GUYFRIDAY: The Cookie That Crumbled
photo courtesy of Joey Adami
Joey Adami
"Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated"--Confucius

9:00 P. M
Jinx, my cat, took a prime spot-on my chest-as he curled himself forward, staring at Luke.
"I swear, that damned cat hates me," Luke snarled.
"He doesn't hate you," I giggled, petting Jinx behind the ear. His tiny head was firmly fixed in a stare-down with Luke.
It had been a odd few days since the incident-that kiss-between me and my allegedly-in-a-relationship-editor. My lower back was feeling better and my head was in a knot. Luke stopped in for a late bite to eat and catch up on much-needed guy chat. "Has he said anything to you about what happened?" Luke asked.
"Just the usual, how am I feeling, small chit-chat."
"The boyfriend?"
"Not a word," I replied. Luke buzzed in the delivery guy with the Chinese take out order, grabbed two plates from my kitchen and sat down. Checking my phone, I was surprised to find that Will hadn't dropped me a line about eating with us.
"What's Will doing tonight?" I wondered, but Luke returned with shrugging, shoulders dismissing my interest.
"He is really attractive"
"Who, oh you mean Jayden?" I replied, still wondering about Will.
"If you like that studious, Clark Kent type," Luke added, sipping his wine.
A small hint of jealousy breathed about in that comment. This would be a perfect set-up for a guy like Luke Yates. It had all the prime elements: excitement, danger and the thought that, after sex, no strings would follow you home. I enjoy it as well, except for the fact that the boyfriend in question, Garret, is the one who is home, apparently holding most of those strings.
" It's okay that you like him, Joey." Luke winked, as if he were reading my thoughts.
I didn't have time to toss back a smart-mouthed remark, while standing on my soapbox about boyfriends, cheating, and the moral obligations of the single. That would be an easy escape from the fact that it showed all over my face, my feelings.
" About Saturday," Luke went on to say, as I totally forgot that, three days from now, my magazine was hosting a bash launching the new west-coast issue of its Miami publication, expecting a gaggle of press, A-listers, queer social-starlets, writers, editors, and the glittery underbelly of the written, printed word. "Grady insists we bring dates, but I want to fly solo, and so does Will." he said. "Your date will already be there, won't he?"
I shot him a look of confusion. I hadn't given any thought to my dance-card or the beau on my arm for the evening. I had bigger issues to face: my outfit and my editor, Jayden.
Luke sucked his teeth into a sinister grin "Jayden, he is going to be there, isn't he?"
"Unfortunately," I said, not really believing it was an unfortunate circumstance. Or was it?
"I hope your fortune comes true," Luke joked, changing the subject and tossing me a cookie.
As I cracked open the almond color shell, nothing but crumbs filled my hands.
" Ouch," Luke whispered, as I looked at him with a completely blank stare .....

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